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Our rings are all eco-friendly and conflict-free simulated diamonds and gemstones, set in gold plated sterling silver. Our guide on how to keep your rings looking gorgeous overtime can be found below:


As with all fine jewelry, please exercise the last on and first off rule. To ensure your rings continue to look beautiful, please do not wear your rings while sleeping, showering, working out, swimming, cooking or any time you are exposed to chemicals or doing vigorous activity. We recommend that your rings stay clear of chemicals of any form (which includes food products, soaps, lotions, hair sprays, perfume and makeup) and also water. Our rose and yellow gold rings are plated, meaning it is not the original color of the metal. Taking the precautions listed above will help preserve the beauty of your Everly piece.


To clean, please use the complimentary polishing cloth that was provided to you with your purchase. You can also use the Everly sterling silver jewelry cleaner. Soaking for ten to twenty minutes will make your rings clean and sparkly again. This will shine both the metal and stones and keep it looking stunning. Please avoid vibrating or sonic cleaners, as they can loosen prongs or loose stones all together.


When taking your rings on and off, please do so one at a time, without excessive pressure. Pulling at a ring can compromise the integrity of the setting. If your fingers are swollen after a long day or travel, simply apply water to your knuckle and press up on the rings while sliding them off.


Please note that no matter what the metal (sterling, gold or platinum), shared-prong styles and micro-pave are especially delicate. Please taken extra precautions with the following styles: Etta, Reese, Leighton, Levine, Asscher, Camilla, Gigi, Priscilla, Monte Carlo, and Eva. Thinner bands are more susceptible to bending under excessive pressure. This would include our Monte Carlo and Reese bands. If you know you are hard on your jewelry, we recommend avoiding these styles.


If you have any further questions for us, feel free to email our team at  As always, we are here to help and assist you.